Brad Barges is the Founder and President of XTC Logistics Inc. and XTC US Xpress. Brad started his career in the Supply Chain Management/Logistics field as a long-haul truck driver gaining many years of hands on experience as well as learning the ins and outs of the business. After working many years as a truck driver Brad took his knowledge and love for the industry and opened XTC Logistics Inc a third-party logistics company. Brad first started his company out of his home hauling empty plastic bottles, after some time he started gaining more business and decided to open a small workspace in Kitchener, Ontario where he hired his first employee. From there Brad has grown XTC Logistics, from moving to a bigger office in Breslau, ON, opening a satellite office in Amherstburg, ON as well as opening a US Division XTC US Xpress Inc in Chicago, Illinois with satellite offices in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, Texas.


Aside from the logistics industry, Brad is very passionate about giving back as much as he can from donating locally to places like Habitat for Humanity, to donating internationally to the Kids, Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic each month. When Brad isn’t at work, you can find him hanging out by his pool with his best dog bud Mexi and his favourite drink in hand. 

Brad Barges
Founder and President
Rachel Morrison
Operations Manager

Rachel Morrison is the Operations Manager at our head office in Breslau, ON. Rachel currently oversees the Operations Department and all things operations. She ensures all freight is handled appropriately, customers are receiving the best service and care from our team, as well as actively supports dispatchers when needed.


Rachel originally dreamt about pursuing a career in professional hairdressing before being introduced into the supply chain management/logistics field. She started her career in supply chain management/logistics with XTC Logistics in 2017 as a dispatcher in house. After a small amount of time she decided to switch her career focus to pursue her career in supply chain management full time, as she found there was still a way for her to create, design and make people happy in other ways. Over the course of two years Rachel has continued to grow alongside XTC logistics and has exceeded all expectations.