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Laura Henrich

Transportation Manager & Carrier Development Transportation Solutions - DHL Supply Chain

"XTC has been a trusted and reliable partner for us over the last 3 years.  They provide us dependable solutions that they can deliver on a moment’s notice.  Their team is great to work with and has timely and clear communication.  They always meet service expectations whether they’ve delivered the lane consistently or it’s a brand new location.   They are truly collaborative provider and understand the unique needs of our various customers. "   

Matt McMillen

Transportation Manager

- DHL Supply Chain

“XTC has proven to be a very dependable service provider for our customers.  This is highlighted by their excellent communication and sense of urgency on every shipment. Their account service reps and senior leadership have proven to be very trustworthy and customer oriented.  I would recommend them to anybody looking for competitive rates and high-level performance.”

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